Daniele Monterosi is an Italian actor.

Daniele Monterosi is an Italian actor.

Graduated at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, National School of Cinema, he works in cinematographyc’s, theatrical’s and television’s productions, in national’s and international’s projects, collaborating among others with directors such as Michele Placido, Paolo Genovese, Luca Manfredi, Marco Pontecorvo, Claudio Cupellini, Francesco Vicario, Luca Verdone, Ivan Cotroneo, Tonino Zangardi, Piero Maccarinelli, Giancarlo Sepe, Malcolm Mackay, Robert Dornhelm, Jeoffrey Barish.

As a director he brings on stage shows related to the contemporary dramaturgy.

As a playwright with “Natale in casa Mizzelthoff” he won the “Michele Mazzella national award” for dramaturgy for young people.

As an acting trainer he leeds workshop in Italy and abroad. He has collaborated among others with the Brancaccio Theater in Rome, Nomos Academy, the Castrocaro Festival, the Solarolo Festival and several theater companies in Italy.

Since 2014 he created and leeds ESTAD – Training for Actors of New Generation: a gym created for the training of professional actors in cinema, theater and television.

His conception and management of “The Experiment”: a workshop created to lead professional actors in the creation and staging of originals drama (Peltuinum Theater Fest in 2016 and 2017).

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