Daniele Monterosi is an Italian actor.

Born in the Roman suburbs, in 2004 he was selected to enter in the National School of Cinema, where he graduated in 2006.

In 2007 Piero Maccarinelli chooses him to play the protagonist in the play “Il Romanzo di Ferrara”, the last play by Tullio Kezich.

In 2008 he made his debut in the cinema with Michele Placido in the film “The great dream” presented at the 66th Venice Film Festival. Also in 2008 he made his television debut in the cast of R.I.S. – Crimes imperfect, of La ladra directed by Francesco Vicario and in some television commercials directed by Luca Miniero and Paolo Genovese.

Between 2009 and 2011 he divides his time between cinema, theater and television. He is part of the cast of film for TV “The legend of the bandit and the champion” directed by Lodovico Gasparini, of “Girls on the web” by Marco Pontecorvo, alongside Carolina Crescentini and Francesca Inaudi, and he is the protagonist of an episode of R.I.S. Rome – Imperfect crimes. At the cinema he is one of the main characters in “The Island of the Fallen Angel” by Carlo Lucarelli, a film that is presented at the Rome Film Festival in 2012.

In 2014 he was next to Francesca Inaudi and Giovanni Scifoni in the play “Much Ado About Nothing” directed by Giancarlo Sepe. At the same time, he is the protagonist of an episode in “Che Dio ci aiuti” directed by Francesco Vicario and is in the cast of several fictions such as “Don Matteo” and “Lampedusa” by Marco Pontecorvo.

Between 2016 and 2017 he is at the cinema with “The memories of Giorgio Vasari” by Luca Verdone, “When Nuvolari runs” by Tonino Zangardi, “Oh my God!” by Giorgio Amato, “The handyman” by Valerio Attanasio and “As long as a judge does not separate us” by Toni Fornari and Andrea Maia.

In 2017 he plays Silvano in the third season of “Gomorra – La serie”.

In 2018 he is present in the cast of the Rai fiction “Non dirlo al mio capo” by Riccardo Donna, “Nero a metà” by Marco Pontecorvo and “Una pallottola nel cuore” alongside Gigi Proietti directed by Luca Manfredi.

In 2019 – at the cinema – he is among the protagonists, together with Giovanni Scifoni, of the film “Mò Vi Mento – Lira di Achille” by Francesco Gagliardi and Stefania Capobianco. He is in the cast of Claudio Bonivento’s “A mano disarmata” alongside Claudia Gerini and Francesco Venditti.

In 2021 he was in the cast of “Vita da Carlo” alongside Carlo Verdone and in the film “House of Gucci” directed by Ridley Scott

When he is not on stage or set, He is invited as Host to events and conventions in Italy and abroad and to bring his storytelling.

As an acting coach he conducts acting workshops in Italy and abroad and has created a gym for the training of professional actors in Rome He has collaborated, among others, with the Brancaccio theater in Rome.

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